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  1. Just having good vegan options makes me happy!

    Vegan Disney World Dining On A Budget A Review of Disney's Newest Plant-Based Offerings

    Back in October 2019, Disney World announced new plant-based offerings all throughout its parks and resorts. I couldn't wait to try them, so I saved up my coins and headed to Disney earlier this year (pre-COVID). Together with a friend, we sampled vegan eats and treats throughout all four parks. Over three days of dining, we each kept our food spending under $70! Here's a list of what we ate, and what I thought about it.

    I cut costs by bringing my own water flasks to the parks to avoid buying bottled water throughout the day. It does add weight to your bags, especially in the morning when the flasks are full, so you'll have to decide if that's worth the savings. I also brought breakfast foods to eat in the hotel before heading to the parks. At Disney World, I shared almost every dish with my travel partner, so we got to sample twice as many foods!

  2. I Survived the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Disney's Magic Kingdom

    My whole life I have hated roller coasters. I especially hate the big drops, the feeling of your stomach suddenly moving into your throat, the panic of trying to push your body back into your seat so you don't fall out. Just me?

    Several years ago (as an adult), I decided to overcome my childish fears and try Expedition Everest. I did survive. However, I hated it and had no desire to do anything like that ever again. So at my last trip to Disney, I decided to try something a little more my speed.

    The friend I traveled with to Disney was a thrill-seeker, and I could tell she was getting bored with rides like It's a Small World and the Prince Charming Carousel. So I reluctantly agreed to try a roller coaster with her.