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  1. Vegan Garlic Bread

    This garlic bread recipe is the vegan version of the classic that many of us remember and love. It's a sliced, pull-apart baguette with grated garlic and chopped fresh parsley, topped with my vegan parmesan. You can also put some slices of vegan mozzarella between the bread slices for cheesy garlic bread.

    Garlic bread is a delicious accompaniment to soups, curries, salads, lasagna, baked ziti, or ravioli. I often eat leftovers as a snack with spicy marinara dipping sauce or spinach & artichoke dip.

  2. Mashed Butternut Squash

    Butternut squash is one of my favorite foods, as it's so versatile, delicious, and healthy. It's often just part of a dish with many flavors, but I also enjoy it on its own, as mashed butternut squash with a few added ingredients.

    As much as I love butternut squash, it can be a headache to cut and peel it. Fortunately, this mashed butternut squash recipe doesn't require any peeling or cubing! After three slices (plus spooning out the seeds), the squash goes in the oven and then the flesh gets easily scraped away from the skin.

  3. 15 Best Vegan Christmas Recipes Christmas Dinner Ideas and More for 2020

    Are you looking for some new vegan recipes to make 2020's Christmas dinner table better than ever? Maybe you're a new vegan wondering where to start with Christmas meals. Or maybe you have vegan guests coming for the holidays and you have no idea what to prepare. No matter why you're here, I'm glad you are!

    I've put together the best of my time-tested, tried and true vegan Christmas recipes right here for you. From Christmas breakfast to sugar cookies to holiday dinners, you'll find a recipe that you and your family will love!

  4. Rainbow carrots add a pop of color to any holiday dinner.

    Roasted Maple-Butter Carrots with Spiced Cashew-Tahini Sauce

    My favorite food is pretty much any kind of roasted vegetable. Roasted vegetables are so easy to prepare, they're healthy, and they taste amazing. When Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas come around, I like to give my roasted vegetables a little something extra.

    The carrots in this recipe get some added flair with a glaze made from vegan butter, maple syrup, and lemon juice, and a cashew-tahini sauce with a delicious blend of spices. Rainbow carrots add a colorful wow factor (but plain orange carrots work too!)

  5. Complete Vegan Thanksgiving Menu and Recipes The best vegan recipes for 2020

    Maybe you're a new vegan wondering what you can cook for your first vegan Thanksgiving. Maybe you're hosting a vegan for Thanksgiving and wondering "what do vegans eat for Thanksgiving?" Or maybe you've been vegan for a while, but you need some new recipes for this holiday that features mostly traditional dishes.

    Whatever your vegan Thanksgiving needs, I've compiled a complete menu of recipes to make your holiday meal a success for everyone! There are no compromises in these Thanksgiving dishes. I promise, no one will miss the meat, dairy, or eggs in any of these recipes. Whether you're planning a fully vegan meal, or just incorporating some vegan options for a few of your guests, these dishes are sure to be loved by all. (And if you're not vegan, but came here searching for recipes to serve for a vegan, thank you!)

  6. Cranberry-apple vegan stuffing in roasted acorn squash bowls

    Vegan Stuffing with Cranberries and Apples in Roasted Acorn Squash Bowls A Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dish

    This recipe combines all the best flavors of Thanksgiving into one dish: cranberries, apples, savory buttery stuffing, and acorn squash. The flavors are so great together, no one will miss the turkey at your vegan Thanksgiving!

    Stuffing (or dressing, or filling, depending on where you live) is one of those Thanksgiving staples that everyone loves. I've made vegan stuffing for many years now without "stuffing" it into anything. But this year I decided I wanted to make this holiday recipe live up to its name, so I'm stuffing it into roasted acorn squash. Acorn squash is a perfect fall food for stuffing, and its small size means each person can have their own half-squash "bowl." This vegan stuffing recipe is also amazing on its own, so if you'd rather not make the squash, feel free to skip it!

  7. Classic Vegan Green Bean Casserole with mushrooms, cashew cream, and crispy onions

    Thanksgiving (or Christmas) just isn't the same without a creamy, crunchy, delicious green bean casserole. Can we just call November 1 the official start of green bean casserole season? Obviously, the classic version isn't vegan, but we can easily transform it!

    I prefer this vegan version because I like everything as fresh as possible. Creating my own cashew cream sauce and using fresh mushrooms instead of using a canned mushroom soup makes a difference you can taste in the flavor. Green bean casserole used to be a "meh" dish for me, but now it's become a favorite!

  8. Creamy Vegan "Sour Cream" Mashed Potatoes with Almond Milk

    This recipe came about by accident after I found a vegan sour cream on sale at the grocery store and I was trying to figure out what to do with it. Many trials and variations later, I've arrived at the perfect vegan version of this classic favorite!

    Personally, I really love the creaminess and flavor of Yukon gold potatoes for this side dish. However, if you want a more traditional texture, feel free to use regular baking (Russet) potatoes.