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vegan Valentine's Day Recipes

  1. Vegan Vanilla Cake

    I might be known as "the cupcake lady" in certain circles, but I like to make a delicious full-sized cake just as much as the next lady. This vanilla cake is another recipe that I veganized from one of my famous cake recipes from my previous business. It's light and fluffy, but also rich-tasting, thanks to the vegan butter in this recipe. It may be a few minutes of extra work compared to some other vegan cake recipes, but I think you'll find that the additional steps are worth it in the result! You can add frosting to this recipe, of course, but the cake also tastes great on its own. This cake is perfect for birthday parties, because everyone will love it, and no one will know it's vegan unless you tell them!

  2. Vegan Crème Brûlée

    Crème brûlée is one of those desserts that just makes you feel fancy. But this vegan version is so easy, you could have it every day. I've tried a few vegan crème brûlées that were on the bland side, but this one has a rich, creamy vanilla flavor that will probably make you want to have more than just one.

    If you're hosting a dinner party, this is the perfect recipe to prepare for your guests (the combination of food and fire always seems to impress people). You can prepare the base ahead of time, then caramelize the sugar right before you're ready to serve it. This recipe needs to chill for a couple of hours, so be sure to plan ahead!